Monday, October 02, 2006

"Is that Motorstorm?"

Asked a commuter on the train this morning, as I read the latest issue of Edge. He then asked if it really looked that good. I clearly saw this as an opportunity to talk authoratively on something I had no personal experience of, so I immediately sprung into action -
"It does look that good. It's going to be incredible."
"How do you know?"
Clearly this was getting better and better.
"I saw it last week."
I did, actually. Well, I saw a trailer last week, but my boss had seen it a few weeks ago and thought it was incredible so I was clearly in my rights to follow up with the following -
"I'm not sure if it's worth paying £500 for, though."
Hah! He was on the backfoot now, confessing that he didn't even own a console, but that he just liked to follow things on the internet. He reads IGN, he says. That is all I needed to hear. Taking a deep breath, I inform him -
"Xbox 360 is the best. Cos of the internet things. PS3 can't really do internet. I mean, it can, but rubbishly, like the PS2."
He knows about the PS2 being rubbish online! And he doesn't even own a console. His friend has a PS2, it seems. I tell him to buy a Wii, or something. I forget. The important thing here is that I am now knee deep in a conversation that I don't want to have. My experience in Tokyo (more on that later, promise) means that I want to make the world a nicer place to live in, so carry on with my unsubstantiated truths, just to avoid cutting off conversation with this friendly stranger. I recommend he buys the 360 when he asks, because the online stuff is so amazing, and then maybe a Wii. I say something else, but I'm not really aware of what it is. I'm focussing on appearing sincere and interested and friendly now, when in truth I'm anything but. I'm super bored, having to entertain these "what's better, PS3 or 360?" style questions, but it wouldn't be nice of me to tell him to fuck off. I want more people to talk to strangers on the tube. I want more people to be interested in games. And I want to be part of that process.
I let him read my copy of Edge, and then it's his stop. He returns the mag and thanks me, and then gets off. Cheery bye!

That was nice. A stranger not ashamed to talk about games, who's not really even into them. I am 90 per cent certain he wasn't just a gay hitting on me, even though he said he was a graphic design teacher. I mean, he spotted Motorstorm from screenshots. I probably should have given him my number, though, on the off chance he wanted to suck me off.


Anonymous Tim E said...

He was gay.

9:36 pm  
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